This is a love letter to Cosmos

This is a love letter to cosmos.
Our spot is the one that’s becoming free so I thought I write some lines about us and why cosmos was the best thing that could happen in our lives.
After we moved from Germany to Karlstad we wanted to have a förskola that supports every child in its own development. I think for every mom giving your child to förskola is the first act of letting go and therefore a hard one. For us it was especially challenging because our daughter did not understand a single Swedish word as we are all from Germany and speaking German at home. I was more then surprised when I came to cosmos for the first time. It was quite and calm. The kids where happily playing no one was loud there was nice music in the changing room and I new from that very first moment this will be the most amazing place for our daughter and that is exactly how it turned out. She just loves everyone there and loves to go to cosmos. I am heartbroken that we need to leave this förskola that will always have a place in our heart but our lives took us to Stockholm. If you are looking for a place where your child is seen and supported in its individuality, if you want a place where your child learns how to do things by him / herself cosmos is your place to go.
I think by now you know what I mean but seriously for us it was the best start for our daughter that we could have thought of!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart cosmos for being there for Leentje for helping her being herself and for supporting her to do it on her own.
This place will always be special for us! You will always be special for us and I thank you for everything 🧡

With Love @_carolinmeyer_


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